Thought for the day†† #105





Proverbs 21:22 (New American Standard Bible)

†††††††††† ďA wise man scales the city of the mighty

††††††††††† And brings down the stronghold in which they trust.Ē


The walls of trouble and difficulty standing before us are simply an illusion to hide the real aggression that Satan mounts against us. As we scale these walls through faith, they crumble beneath us. The motives and methods of the enemy are exposed. Our trust and faith in Godís covenant to his people makes the works of deceit and darkness seem inept and helpless. They simply melt away in the face of Godís wonderful power. The enemy is defeated as the facade of his deception is revealed.


Perhaps you are facing opposition in your daily walk with the Lord.

Godís Kingdom is always under attack. We may be attacked in our marriage, our work, finances, social activities and relationships, even in our health. Friends or family often bring us to despair as they criticize and find fault as we commit ourselves to the Lord. You may find resistance to your profession of faith in the market place, the school, your place of work, even the church


The corrupted practices and philosophies of society often come against us.


We are surrounded by ungodly demands of evil forces. Each, finding gleeful satisfaction in our discouraged and distraught spirit. They seem to ďlie in waitĒ for us to make a mistake.


Our enemy uses people who are walking in darkness, sometimes without their knowledge, to perform his destructive work. While some find great delight in their evil activity, others are simply blinded by the deceitful practices of the oppressor. All of them are a mere tool used to do the works of darkness.


Remember to recognize the source of the battle!


God gives us wisdom and insight.The barriers that are set against us become transparent. We can come against the very source of our oppressorís strength. We can destroy his power against us with the conquering wisdom of God.


The beautiful lawn is often defiled with the dandelion weed. We may diligently pull it up, only to see its return in a short while. It never goes away. We have a continuing fight to keep the lawn beautiful. Why?

We did not get to the root, the source of the problem.We simply pulled what we could see from the ground, leaving the problem to repeat itself again.


Like the wise man referenced in the above scripture, (Proverbs 21:22) we must scale the walls of deceit and treachery. We must understand the motivation of every evil work of darkness. We must walk in the light of Godís wisdom.


Godís word is truth and light. The hidden works of evil are always revealed when confronted with the illuminating truth of His word and power of His Holy Spirit. Let us be wise to the ways of our enemies and break the power of their deception. The light of truth reveals the hidden works of darkness. We shall bring down the enemyís strongholds as we walk in the power of Godís righteousness and the purity of his Spirit.††


The conquering wisdom of God will expose the weakness of the enemyís ability against us. Let us walk in faith, without worry or fear! Let us pull down the evil strongholds that stand against us.Surely the light of truth is greater than the evil that lurks in the darkness of circumstance and opposition. Nothing can overcome those who stand upon the covenant of Godís Kingdom. His arm is mighty. His promise is sure. His truth endures forever!


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