Thought for the Day    #110






Isaiah 57:13   (New American Standard Bible)

            When you cry out, let your collection of idols deliver you. But the wind will carry   

all of them up, And a breath will take them away. But he who takes refuge in me will inherit the land and will possess my holy mountain.”


God has promised to give His people the abundance of his land and the powerful

prestige of his Kingdom.


Why then, does the Remnant walk in such need and weakness?


The prophet Isaiah is declaring the evil harlotry of Israel. They have turned to idol gods, pagan worship and dependence upon their humanistic ability. They had forgotten Almighty God and his covenant with them.


We have such big dreams of achieving success in this world. We have quit trusting in the God of Israel for provision and direction. Our entire life revolves around the unstable methods of a “Babylonian” system. Success is based on vacillating standards of economic, social and philosophical prowess. Resources are limited to our self-attainment. The inability of our frail knowledge and strength chains us to pillars of defeat. We have turned to the idols of this world for every provision.


God says: “Let your idols deliver you in time of trouble. They and all their false promises shall flee from you as quickly as a breath of wind passes by. They have no power, no provision, and no stability.


Dependence upon the system of this world always limits us to our own abilities. We put our trust in the corruptible elements of its deceitful promise. Wealth does not buy health or happiness. Power over people and property does not purchase inner fulfillment and peace.


The resources and possessions of this world can disappear as quickly as the wind blows past our face.


The winds of trouble are blowing. Let us take refuge in the covenant of God!


His land is full of abundant supply. He desires to give that abundance to those who look to him for their need. Let us remember that the gods of this world think they are in control. The are not! The power of this world is like the wisp of fog that evaporates at first light. There is neither endurance nor stability to it. 


God still runs the universe and everything within it.  When God speaks of his holy mountain, He is referring to his seat of power and authority. He is in Control.


The refuge of God is our fortress of power, protection and provision. We can depend upon Him to provide our every need.  As we take refuge in Him we shall indeed inherit his land and possess his holy mountain of authority and power. Our sufficiency is found in the God of Israel! He always provides, even when it seems impossible to us.