Thought for the Day




Romans 10:17  (New American Standard Bible)


“17So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”


There is much spoken and written about faith today. We hear about having great faith, not enough faith and no faith. Most Christians have been taught that almost any problem they have is the result of some inability to walk in faith. Confusion abounds because of so many conflicting ideas concerning faith.


We know faith to be one of those intangibles of the spirit that cannot be measured. We often remark  they don’t have any faith” of someone who is not living for God. Unanswered prayers are because “they didn’t have enough faith.” People fortunate enough to have ample supply of tangible things supposedly have “great faith”. These are all inaccurate and insufficient statements. Yes, there really is an ability to recognize true faith. 


Where does faith come from?


Faith is a gift of God! It is that simple. The above scripture tells us that faith is the result of hearing the Word of Christ. Romans 12:3 declares that God has allotted each a measure of faith. That means that all within the house of Israel (even the unbelieving person) has been given faith. Obviously the gentile was given faith as well. (Matthew 8:10) (Luke 7:9) Jesus said of the centurion “I have not found such faith in Israel”.


What is faith? Faith is a product of the Word of God.


The word, “hearing” is used twice in Romans 10:17. One usage refers to audible or intellectual hearing. This usage allows us to become aware of and store truth in the reservoir of our knowledge. The other usage of “hearing” is one of action. We hear the Word of God and believe it to be absolute truth to the point that we take action.


We will never have faith if we don’t hear. But we might hear and not believe the truth. So faith is the fruit of hearing, believing and acting upon what we hear. It is critically important to absorb the Scriptures. Truth, whether obtained by hearing or seeing God’s word, produces faith. People of great faith digest the scriptures with zeal. They accept (believe) them as true. They act upon their direction or promise. Faith is then present. Everything God has promised becomes obtainable. In other words, faith is the ability to believe and act upon the word of God. Truth!



Heavenly Father, I thank you for your Word. It is your Covenant to me. Help me to receive, accept, believe and act upon it. I know your gift of faith to me will be activated and I shall live with new power and victory through Jesus Christ my Lord and Redeemer. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.