Thought for the day




Psalm 34:7  (New American Standard Bible)


“The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them.  O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”


This great promise of God is beyond comprehension.


We need to remember whom we are when we are under attack and it seems that all we can see is opposition and trouble. God’s Kingdom People do not have to live as everyone else. We are His special family.


We sometimes make mistakes, errors in judgment. We may have committed sin and found ourselves in bondage.  Our carnal fleshly nature may have had its way and brought us to some unwholesome action.  Whatever the case, the Lord is the answer.


The Lord is camped around us.   He is there.  We are not deserted.  He watches over and protects us.  He often delivers us from danger without our knowledge.  He is encamped around us when we feel like we are completely alone.


Be encouraged!  Our loving Heavenly Father is faithful to watch over and protect his children.  His arms are open to a repentant Heart.  He will never reject us when we ask forgiveness for our sin and transgressions.  He listens carefully for our cry for help.  Let us open our spiritual eyes and behold His presence.  The cold musty darkness of fear may try to fall upon us like a heavy, soggy tent.  The devastation of defeat may seem like it is about to consume us.  We may feel completely separated from His covering.  But He is there, just outside the tiny circle of light that he has provided for us in the darkness.  The dark forces of the enemy roars at us to “quit, give up, there is no hope.”  What a lie!


Let us taste of His Goodness!   The Psalmist encourages us to reach out in faith.  He tells to look beyond the obvious circumstance.   “Look and see”, he calls.  Taste of His goodness and we will find He has encircled us with his great power and love.  The enemy, who would destroy us, is helpless.  The enemy’s fiery darts drop uselessly to the ground.  God’s wall of protection is strong.  Nothing can destroy it.


Take refuge in Him!  Let us acknowledge our heritage, we are the children of the King.  We have been redeemed by his blood, and saved by his grace.  We are the sons of God!  We are the blessed ones of Israel.  God will preserve each of us as we put our trust in Him.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob encamps round about his Remnant to protect and provide until He returns.  We cannot be destroyed because He is with us.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Help me to remember that I am never alone.  Let your Spirit encourage me.  I desire to know your way more perfectly.  Forgive me for my sinful ways and fear.  I know that I am covered and cleansed by the blood of Jesus my Lord and Redeemer.  Teach me to walk in your joy and peace.  I know that I am saver as I abide in you.  I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus.  Amen.