Thought for the Day




Ephesians 4:26 Ė27†† (New American Standard Bible)


Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.


The Devil is always doing all he can to make our lives miserable. His motive is to destroy or mislead us into believing his lies. He cheats us out of many blessings and wonderful experiences. He brings heartache to all that will listen to him. (Acts 10:38) (1Peter 5:8)


Anger, the tool of the enemy! Anger is very much a part of this life. It is expressed in the crying baby trying to get what it wants or needs. The declaration of our anger grows in dimension and expression as we grow older. We often see it displayed with contemptible expressions, body language, and vulgar talk and swearing.


Is anger wrong? No, It is not wrong to become angry. Anger can be a great asset! It often becomes a motivating force, moving us to action. We have been taught that we should never become angry. The Bible does not teach that. The above text makes it very clear. We can be angry, and not sin.


When is anger a sin? Remember that it is not sin to become angry. It is the uncontrolled expression of that anger that causes us to sin. This is an emotion that can effect our attitude, our speech and our actions. It even affects our ability to think and reason when uncontrolled. Anger, when harnessed with strong discipline, can be†† accomplish much good.


Let us cheat the Devil! You can turn the table on the devil. Simply determine that the elements of anger and its cause will not move you to uncontrollable action. We can, and often should be angry. Sin and wrongdoing such as the crime and pillage going on everyday should cause anger. The injustices brought against the Christian Remnant should move us to anger. Personal abuse by others should move us to anger.


Make anger a power for good! Letís turn this powerful emotion into positive production. It can motivate us to take a stand against evil, to become diligent in our Christian service and prod us into serious prayer. We can use it to exercise authority given us in scripture to defeat the devil and his conniving ways. Anger can motivate us to deeper spiritual fellowship and communion with our Heavenly Father. Let us be determined to use our anger to do good and not evil. We can cheat the devil with disciplined control and motivated action.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I want to control my anger. I ask your Holy Spirit to help me be calm and disciplined when I am moved to anger. I want to use this emotion to defeat the enemy and bring glory to you. Teach me how to use anger for motivation to accomplish your work. Help me to be angry and not sin. I pray in Jesusí name. Amen!