Thought for the Day




Psalm 103:11-12†† (New American Standard Bible)


11For as high as the heavens are above the earth, So great is His loving-kindness toward those who fear (reverence) Him. 12As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.


Our memory is one of the great blessings that our heavenly father has given us. A sound mind stores millions of bits of experience, information, knowledge, training and understanding. The mind is far more efficient than any computer man can create. It is quick and efficient in recalling stored information. It programs us to instant, perhaps automatic response to needs of the moment.We have complete access to the vast and unlimited resources that it has stored.


Our mind stores both good and bad information. While most of its content is very valuable and helpful, the mind does store things that we would like to forget. All of us have experienced deeds and situations that we would like to erase, especially our sinful activities and deeds.


Everyone has a past. Yours may be dotted with many things that you regret. You would give almost anything if you could delete those events for which you are ashamed or embarrassed. How happy and peaceful you would be if only you could forget the past.


Our spiritual enemy, Satan, knows this. He uses the memory of our past against us. He keeps us imprisoned with memory of sinful actions we so sincerely regret. Satan constantly accuses us and prods us to remember our guilt and sin.


God forgives and forgets! (Isaiah) 23:25) Our Lord and Savior paid the ransom for our redemption. He paid the debt we owed for our sins when he died on the cross. The Bible tells us that God has cleansed us from all sin. We are made a new creature, old things have passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17) when we repent and are baptized for the remission of sin. (Acts 2:38-39)


The Lord has set us free! He has separated our transgressions from us. His loving- kindness reaches beyond the highest heavens. Our great space technology can not measure their great expanse. The higher that we probe, the more limitless is their boundary. The east never meets the west. We can travel east or west forever. God has removed our sin and transgressions from us. They are as far from us as the heavens are above the earth and the east is from the west.


Let us forget the past! God has forgotten our past. So should we. Letís hit the delete button and erase those haunting memories from the chambers of our mind. Letís tell our accuser that we are dead to the past. It has no hold upon us. We have been recreated in the righteousness of Jesus. We are new and different beings in Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer. We are the sons of God. No guilt! No condemnation! (Romans 8:1) Praise His wonderful name!