Thought for the Day





Psalm 106:4-5†† (New American Standard Bible)


4Remember me, O LORD, in your favor toward your people; visit me with your salvation, 5That I may see the prosperity of your chosen ones, that I may rejoice in the gladness of Your nation, that I may glory with your inheritance.


King David wrote often about his longing to be in the inner circle of Godís fellowship. He knew the value ofintimate relationship that the redeemed have in the Lord.


David held the covenant that God had made with Israel in high regard. Perhaps no other biblical figure understood the value Godís commitment, as he did. We know that David sought communion with God continually through out his life. He hungered for the covering of Godís love.


David longed for the fulfillment of Godís promise, the victory and prosperity of His chosen ones. He failed consistently, but always came to a place of repentance. God declared him to be a man after his own heart. (1 Samuel 13:14; Acts 13:22) David was very aware of the value of his redemption, later to be purchased by Jesus at the cross.


We are blessed to live in a time of great victory. Jesus has kept the commitment of God. He has established ďthe Kingdom of GodĒ on earth. He has offered himself as our sacrificial Lamb, purchasing our atonement and redemption. Through repentance and baptism, we are cleansed and forgiven.


We have the ability to turn from sin. We can walk in the righteousness of God.Our sin and iniquity has been removed far from us because of Godís great love for us, his people. We have been made a new creature in Christ Jesus. God has poured out his blessing upon those who repent.We rejoice in the liberty of our salvation. Continual communion and fellowship with God is the portion of the Redeemed.


America has surely been blessed as a nation. No other people have prospered as we. God has kept and preserved us. He has extended his grace and mercy. We are blessed in His prosperity. The inheritance for his People has been established. His chosen Remnant is preserved. Praise His holy name.


Like David, the Remnant of Israel, long for the day when we shall rule and reign with Jesus.Surely the return of our Lord is eminent. He will take charge of the earth, set up his throne and rule in perfect righteousness. He will keep and preserve us until that awesome ďDay of the LordĒ.


Let us look up and rejoice. He is coming soon! His reward will be given to those who serve him faithfully, until His Kingdom is established and he rewards his Redeemed!