Thought for the Day   # 153




Proverbs 16:2   New American Standard Bible


2All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, but the LORD weighs the motives.  3Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.


We often struggle to accomplish success in life. We strive to excel in business, social relationships, family unity, finances, and daily satisfaction in life.


It may seem that the harder we try to find fulfillment, the more fleeting it becomes.


God has made covenant with his people. He has promised that we can be happy and prosper. Our health and peace of mind are included in his commitment to us. Finances and peace of mind are included.


Certainly, God expects his children to put forth their best effort. We cannot simply have a goal and then set and do nothing about it. He has promised that he would bless the efforts of those who faithfully serve him.


We often look at our plans and find them to be right and noble in our sight. They may seem to be wholesome and productive, even honorable and humanitarian in purpose.


Do they fit God’s plan for our life?


The children of Israel are famous for having “a better idea” than the directive received from God. We have stubborn will, selfish desire, and impure motives. This is our nature. We want to do it our way, not God’s way


This means that we seek God’s direction and instruction first. Then we blend our dreams and plans into His plan for our life. He will cause our works to succeed.


God knows best. He has a plan for us that is perfect and complete. . We must remember that God knows best. He has a plan for us that is perfect and complete. Let us be careful to avoid the mistake of forming plans and doing our “own thing”. We are wise to seek his will, submit our selves unto it, and then put forth the effort necessary to do our part.


The secret of success is very simple.


“Commit your works unto the Lord and your plans will be established”. When we allow Him to have the ultimate direction in our life, he will add his blessing and ability to our effort. We can trust Him to guide and prosper us in our daily life.

Let us allow Him to be our Lord and King in all that we are and do. We will succeed.


We praise you, Almighty God for your blessing and care for us.