Thought for the Day # 155





Psalm 103:11 New American Standard Bible


11For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His loving-kindness toward those who £fear Him.


Perhaps you feel lonely and forsaken today.  God is only a breath away. He really does care.


Everyone goes through difficult and lonely situations. Like Israel of old, we find ourselves overwhelmed with difficulties and need. Sometimes we are persecuted for our faith. We may be disliked or rejected simply because we are the Sons of God.


God never forsakes his own.


The extent of the heavens is beyond our greatest imagination. Modern technology is constantly revealing the great expanse of the firmament. The farther we press into the great expanse of the heavens, we discover that they seem to be endless.


Such is the loving-kindness of our Heavenly Father.


You are loved and appreciated by the only true God. You may be rejected by all, reproached by many, and misunderstood by those whom you love, but the love of God is never exhausted.


He opens his arms to those who fear him. He bathes them in the endless boundaries of his love.


The word “Fear” in this application means holy, awesome reverence.


You see; all that is required to walk in God’s wonderful love is our ability to acknowledge his awesome holiness, and mighty power.


Just enter into his presence in reverential respect, and you will find His great arms of love embracing you. Nothing can remove His children from his wonderful love. Though people may reject you, god never will.


When we feel discouraged and distraught, we should look into the heavens and be reminded of His immeasurable love. 


Let us come before Him with prayer and supplication, in awesome reverence. He will cover us in His magnificent love. We are never alone; He is always with us.