Thought for the Day # 175





Psalm 27:5†† New American Standard Bible

5†††††††††† For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle;

††††††††††† In the secret place of His tent He will hide me;

††††††††††† He will lift me up on a rock.


What a wonderful promise!


All of us face moments of great difficulty and trouble from time to time.


When the enemy begins to press in upon us from every side and we feel overwhelmed, we can run to the covering of our precious Heavenly Father.


Very few have faced the constant onslaught and attacks of the devil as often as David. It seems that he was constantly under attack.


He had learned the secret of survival and freedom from fear through his continual fellowship with God. His ability to run into the presence of the Lord allowed him to stand strong in faith. He knew the keeping power of our Heavenly Father.


Surely, trouble will come to all of us. It is the business of the devil to constantly attack and oppress the sons of God. He constantly oppresses those who serve the Lord, but he cannot defeat us. We belong to the Kingdom of God and we are covered by his covenant.


We, too, can rest assured that when the day of trouble comes, we will not be overwhelmed or defeated. God has a great pavilion of protection for those who serve him. We can call upon his name and run to him for shelter.


He will take us into the secret chambers of his tabernacle far beyond the reach of our enemies. He will remove our feet from the quagmire of uncertainty and fear. He will set us upon the Rock of ages, Christ Jesus our Redeemer.


Let us rejoice!Nothing can harm us this day.We are protected and preserved by the great arm of Almighty God. We shall abide in the inner chambers of His wonderful presence, far from the seething tentacles of our oppressors.




Heavenly Father, I have been overwhelmed by the attack of the enemy many times. I cannot stand against him in my own strength. I am coming to you for help. Please cover me and hide me far from the enemies reach. Help me to abide in the inner chambers of your tabernacle every moment of the day. I pray in Jesusí name. Amen.