Thoughts for the Day   # 176






Deuteronomy 8:11   New American Standard Bible


11“Beware that you do not forget the LORD your God by not keeping His commandments and His ordinances and His statutes which I am commanding you today;


God admonished the children of Israel concerning obedience to his commandments. They often forsook the Lord. Their disobedience was commonplace among them. Rebellion against his restraints brought great hardship upon them, yet, they constantly resisted his ordinances and statues. Their hardness of heart brought constant discipline.


It is important that we learn from their example. Just as surely as their disobedience brought God’s judgment upon them, our rebellion will bring his heavy hand of discipline upon us. We cannot escape the conditions of blessing that he established for his children.


Obedience produces blessing and prosperity. Disobedience always brings heartache and defeat. There is no middle ground.  No compromise. 


Our carnal nature constantly rebels against the statues of God. We become self willed and obstinate. Our preoccupation to satisfy our own desire robs us of God’s blessing.


Let this be the day that we turn to the Lord, determined to live by his word, overcoming our sinful nature. Just as surely as we keep His commandments, we shall also have his blessing.  Surely God desires to prosper his people. Oh, that we might learn to live in his promised blessing. Let us turn from a sinful ways and walk and his abundance.




Oh, dear God, how wonderful are your ways!  Surely, you are holy and righteous. I acknowledge that your commandments are perfect and pure. I know that you have given them to me for my benefit. Help me, Father, to crucify my carnal nature and clothe myself in your righteousness through Jesus Christ, my redeemer. As your son, I want my life to bring joy and happiness to you. Let your Holy Spirit always direct my path. I want to always walk under your protection and covering. Thank you Father, for your loving guidance. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my redeemer. Amen.