Thought for the day # 181




Proverbs 1:7††† New American Standard Bible


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge;

Fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Our nation is full of learning institutions. Their goal is to impart knowledge. Though facts and figures, science and technology may be instilled within manís intellect, true knowledge will never be obtained until we learn to reverence God.

The first installment of knowledge is found in our ability to give God proper respect with awesome reverence. We must remember that there is really nothing of value without Him. He is the source of all things.

We must give God the position of priority within our lives. Until we see him as Almighty God, and acknowledge his holy deity, we cannot set the foundation for building true knowledge.Our intellect is not prepared to receive the many facets of knowledge.We are not able to keep everything in perspective.

Knowledge, without the wisdom and instruction necessary to use it efficiently is of little worth. In fact, knowledge used without understanding often brings painful destruction.

As Godís children, we must understand that he has appointed us as instruments of power and influence in his kingdom.He wants us to attain knowledge as we are able.But, we must remember that there is an abundance of knowledge that can never be learned in educational institutions.It is attained by daily communion with our Heavenly Father.

Our fellowship with God brings insight into our function and purpose.We will find the pure structure for successful daily living.His standards and principles give us a firm, rock- solid underpayment for a happy and successful life.

All the knowledge of the world becomes useless and ineffective if we leave God out of our life.We may seem to accomplish many great things.In the end, we have done nothing more than build a house upon the sand. That which we build will fall.It will not endure the scrutiny of his righteous judgment.

True knowledge comes from God. We have begun the true learning process when we acknowledge His awesome power and righteousness.Indeed, without Him, we are nothing.In Him, all things become possible.

Prayer: My dear Heavenly Father, I know that the wisdom and knowledge of men is as foolishness to you. Help me not to get caught up in the ego of my abilities. Sometimes I lean on my own understanding instead of trusting you.Forgive me for not seeking your wisdom and knowledge for my life.Teach me your ways, oh, God that I might learn more perfectly. In Jesus name I pray.Amen.