Thought for the day # 199




Proverbs 2:6 -7  (New American Standard Bible)


            For the LORD gives wisdom;

From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in integrity,


We live in an age of confusion, corruption, and instability. Never before have God's people needed his guidance and insight more than we do today.  Complications in the ungodly systems of the world make it very difficult for the Righteous to make proper decisions and judgments.


The saints of God need his wisdom, knowledge and understanding more than ever before. Our own wisdom and knowledge is so inadequate. The many distortions of truth bring blurred understanding to our natural mind. The options presented to us in our decision-making are so polluted with degenerate philosophies that we are often presented with choosing between two wrongs instead of clear-cut images of truth and righteousness. 


The activities of everyday life bring us to a point of decision concerning the many issues that we face.  We often seek council from friends or professionals only to find their answers clouded in confusion and uncertainty. 


Let us as turn to the Lord for wisdom and knowledge.  Surely, he is the only source of council that always brings forth truth and Godly wisdom. His knowledge is pure. His understanding is clear and unshakable. 


He will make the many decisions that confront us each day concise and understandable when we put our trust in him.  The great reservoir of His knowledge and wisdom is open to all his children. He will give it to us if we ask. 


We can face each new day with peaceful confidence, knowing that indeed He shields us who walk with integrity before him. Our confusion and problems diminish when we seek his wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 




Dear God, I come to you with uncertainty about the many decisions confronting me.  I call upon you to reveal your wisdom, knowledge and understanding to me.  Help me make the right decisions today.  I am comforted by the knowledge that you shield and protect me.  I want to be a vessel of integrity in my daily living.  Thank you for this promise.   I pray in the name of Jesus my redeemer.  Amen.