Thought for the day # 218




Jeremiah 33:3   (New American Standard Bible)


3‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’


Most of us are constantly seeking answers.  Life today has become so technical and complex that it leaves many of us wondering what questions to ask. Our mind is constantly seeking new insight and understanding. 


This is true of spiritual things as well.  How often have we asked God about things that we do not understand?  We want to know more about prophecy.  Our mind is filled with curious questions about his Word, or how the talks to us.  The search for His will and purpose is an ongoing process. 


Scriptures that we do not understand haunt us like an unsolved mystery.  We want to understand more, to know the future and all of its ramifications.  Our soul hungers for deeper insight into the ways of God.  Our questions are endless. 


Surprising answers are available to us every day.  God says to call upon him and he will answer us. He promises that he will shows great and wonderful things, mighty in nature, things that we do not know.


Perhaps you’ve asked Him such questions before, only to find that you did not understand his response. Or, maybe you didn’t hear Him answer at all. Are you aware that God promised to answer us if we call upon him? Is it possible that we have limited His answers to the realm of our present understanding?






God wants to reveal himself and his promises to his people. He wants to share his plans for us, to reveal his glorious ways and his powerful abilities. He wants us to ask, to seek and diligently wait upon him, for surprising revelations and answers that we do not know. Surely, He delights in opening our understanding of his truth.


Be encouraged to call upon Him. Don’t hesitate to ask Him to reveal the mysteries of his wonderful Word. Let him stretch our mind and spirit to accept those mighty things that we do not yet know. With His help, we can experience a new and exciting life filled with surprising answers every day. He said, “Call on me and I will answer---”.


After we call, we must listen carefully.  What we hear may amaze us.




Thank you, Father. I am so blessed to have the freedom to approach you with my curious questions. I want to know more of you every day. There are so many things that I want to understand. Help me to open my mind and my heart to receive the great and mighty things that you wish to show me. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen