Thought for the day #219




Psalm 43:5    (New American Standard Bible)

5           Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why are you disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God.



Tragically, despair is a constant companion of many. One’s very soul seems to quake at the challenges before it. The countenance is darkened and the spirit is heavy. There is no joy to be found. Hope vanishes into the mist of yesterday’s dreams.


The Psalmist, David, experienced such emotional and spiritual distress. There were times when constantly embattled by his enemies; he grew weary with the battle of life.   He became very conscious of his vulnerability. He was overwhelmed with his frailty and humanity. But, he knew where to turn for his encouragement.


David walked with God. As a young boy he had learned the sweet fellowship of his Lord. He had experienced miraculous and supernatural power and ability. The Philistine had fallen at his feet. He had conquered the lion and the bear. God had proven himself to be faithful, adding strength and protecting him from danger. His trust was in the Lord.


Overwhelming emptiness, discouragement and despair can attack us as well. We become disturbed in our spirit. Our soul is filled with hollow turmoil. Our mind searches for help. We cry “Why is this happening to me?” as we agonize over our situations. As his chosen children, the sons of God, we too, have an answer.


Just as surely as God empowered David, preserving and protecting him, he has also ministered to us. His promises are sure. His Word is infallible. His truth endures forevermore. Let us ask ourselves why we allow such feelings to abide.


Our hope is in God. It has been proven through the many trials that we have passed safely. His intervention and miraculous provision has delivered us time and again. The many answered prayers certify his faithfulness. He is worthy of all our praise.


Let us rejoice and glorify his name, recall His blessings and faithfulness. As we fill our souls with the joy of victories past, we loose the bondage of despair. Praise and worship releases our faith. Hope is born anew. The disquieted spirit within dissipates into the fragrant anticipation of His provision. We become established in his fellowship. He is Lord. We are his children. He will never fail us. Praise his name!




Oh, Lord God, know my heart today. You know the heaviness of my spirit and the anguish of my soul. Lead me through this difficult time. I know there is no reason to doubt and fear. You have proven yourself faithful. You are my strength, my covering and my provision. I give you praise from deep within my soul. You are my Lord and Redeemer. I am established in you, O Lord. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Redeemer. Amen