Thought for the day # 220





Deuteronomy 4:31     New American Standard Bible


31“For the LORD your God is a compassionate God; He will not fail you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant with your fathers which He swore to them.


Discouragement often sets in when trials of the day seem to be overwhelming.  Our daily life is filled with frustrations and uncertainties.  Hope fades in the face of the insurmountable difficulties that so often confront us. 


The enemy tries to put us on a guilt trip.  Every weakness and shortcoming is brought to mind.  Failure for which we long ago repented, become sharp images pulled up from our memory storage.  The accusatory finger of our enemy points at us with condemnation.  The day certainly seems less than victorious. 


Rejoice, oh House of Israel!  Look unto the Lord! 


We do not live by feeling.  Neither, are we to surrender to condemnation.  The Lord our God, is a compassionate God. 


Though our failures are many and our inadequacy is apparent, our Heavenly Father is compassionate to his people.  He will never fail us nor will he destroy us.  In fact, he has promised to do the opposite.


He reminds us that the Covenant that he made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is in full effect.  His promises in that Covenant are extended to every member of the House of Israel. Those who are redeemed can lay claim to every one of them.


Be encouraged to cast all of your care upon the Lord.  He is faithful and true.  He knows your need, pain and sorrow.  Reach out to Him!  Turn unto him for strength and help.  He will receive you with open arms and tender mercies.  Seek Him, and he will lead you into the precious valley of sparkling streams and peace. 


Remember, He is a compassionate Lord.  He is very gracious and merciful to those who come to him in true submission and repentance.  Reach out to him now!




My Dear Heavenly Father, I am keenly aware of my shortcomings. I have failed you often.  The enemy is trying to overwhelm me with guilt and condemnation.  I know that my hope and faith rests in You. I know that Jesus offered himself as the ultimate and final sacrifice for my shortcomings and sin.  Forgive me.  Renew me with your Spirit.  I claim all of the promises of your Covenant as my own. I shall walk in strength and courage this day. I pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen