Thought for the Day #230





Isaiah 55:7†††

7†††††††††† Let the wicked forsake his way

††††††††††† And the unrighteous man his thoughts;

††††††††††† And let him return to the LORD,

††††††††††† And He will have compassion on him,

††††††††††† And to our God,

††††††††††† For He will abundantly pardon.


All of us make mistakes. Though we have the best of intentions we sometimes sin. Yes, we, the Redeemed of the Lord, often find ourselves battling temptations of the flash. Like the apostle Paul, we desire to do good, only to find ourselves doing that which neither God or ourselves approve.


At such times, the enemy of our soul will heap condemnation and guilt upon us. Disappointment in our weakness is almost unbearable. Depression often causes our faith to become weak. Discouragement finds fertile ground. The jaws of defeat seem to close upon us.


These feelings are nothing but lies brought on by the enemy of our soul. We are not trapped in our failure. We can turn to the word of God for instruction and comfort.


Surely, as we have repented of our sinful ways and turned to the Lord, we find him to be loving and compassionate. He has forgiven our sin. We stand before Him in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, our redeemer.


When we make mistakes, letting our carnal nature lead us astray, we can quickly repent and return unto our Heavenly Father.His son, Jesus paid the ultimate price for our transgressions.God will pardon and cleanse us, restoring us through his son.


Nevertheless, let us strive to walk uprightly everyday.We are free from the lying condemnation of the enemy as we live in the righteousness of Jesus.When we repent, his blood cleanses from every stain. God abundantly pardons.


He gives us the ability to live in victory. Let our hearts soar with joy. Jesus is Lord.




Most almighty and high God, I know I fail from time to time.My spirit grieves within me.I donít want to live in discouragement or condemnation.Help me to be stronger in my daily life.I want to live above and beyond sinís ugly bondage. Please help me to turn to you quickly when I fail.Thank you for your compassion and love.I pray in Jesus name.Amen