Thought for the Day #266




Exodus 20:12   (New American Standard Bible)

12“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you.


Most of us recognize this verse to be one of the Ten Commandments.


Many, who read this statute of God, automatically assume that it is speaking to children. And so it is. But it is certainly speaking to adults, as well. It is a requirement, and a promise to every one of us.


As adult Christians, we may quote this Commandant of God to our children as they grow up. But it doesn't end there. God expects us to honor our parents from the time we are born until we die. Yes, even in their old age.


It seems to be popular and stylish today, for the children to be divided against the parents, and the parents against the children.


Many parents are grieved over the lack of respect and rebellion that their grown children display toward them.


They can no longer excuse the contempt in the hearts of their offspring as being youthful ignorance. They live in constant anguish, and sometimes in dire poverty and neglect, because their children have forsaken them.


Hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions are filled with parents whose children never see them. No one inquires of their well-being nor do they endeavor to supply their need.


Old and forsaken, they languish in isolated loneliness, forsaken by their own offspring.


Most of us desire to live a long life. We spend fortunes on health equipment and food supplements. We make scheduled trips for medical checkups and carefully see that we get proper exercise and rest.


Proper honor given to those who gave us life will do more to preserve us than all of these things combined. It is the promise of God.


Prayer: Dear God, forgive me for the disagreements and hard feelings I have toward my parents. I have allowed their imperfections to destroy my honor for them. I know that this is a trick of Satan to destroy our relationship. I don't want him to steal God's promise of long life from me. Forgive me, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen