Thought for the day #275






Isaiah 12:2-3    (New American Standard Bible)


2           “Behold, God is my salvation,

            I will trust and not be afraid;

            For the LORD GOD is my strength and song,

            And He has become my salvation.”


 3          Therefore you will joyously draw water

            From the springs of salvation.


The prophet Isaiah no doubt walked a lonely life. Many times his only companion was Almighty God.


With inward contemplation, he assessed his situation. After analyzing carefully, he was able to declare: "The Lord God is my strength and song and he has become my salvation”.


He continued to speak of drawing water from the springs of salvation.


We, as the children of God have that same privilege. Surely, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and savior is the water of life.


Salvation is an ongoing relationship. Everyday experiences require continual deliverance and protection.  Our Lord Jesus Christ saved us from our sin, giving us eternal life


In the interim, between our “new birth” and departure from this life into eternity, we should drink of the water of life daily. He is that joyful water that always refreshes and sustains.


We can face the trials of life victoriously as we drink the joyful water from the springs of our salvation.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I sometimes forget that I'm not alone. The struggles of life overwhelm me. My Spirit feels arid and dry. Help me remember to drink the joyful waters of my salvation. I pray in the name of Jesus, the water of life. Amen.