Thought for the day #277






Proverbs 3:5-6    (New American Standard Bible)


5           Trust in the LORD with all your heart

            And do not lean on your own understanding.


 6          In all your ways acknowledge Him,

            And He will make your paths straight.



Circumstances of life sometimes lead us into twisted and confusing pathways.


Have you ever wondered "How did I get into this situation"?  Most of us have!


No one can predict the future. Though we set about making the best of plans, carefully analyzing each decision, the coming day often requires decisions for which we did not prepare.


Our own wisdom is insufficient to meet the challenges before us. And so it is that we must turn the direction of our life over to Almighty God.


Invite Him to guide you in everything. Confess your dependence upon his leadership. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.


Sometimes, He will give you immediate wisdom and understanding. On other occasions, you may find that He will very carefully lead you through a maze of circumstances beyond your comprehension.


Listen carefully. Respond quickly. The Holy Spirit will lead you through confusion and uncertainties. He will straighten your pathway and enlighten your understanding. He will always help you make the right decisions.  


Acknowledge Him in all of your ways. He will bring you through the mist of confusion into the radiance of his revealed will. He will make your pathway straight.


You will be amazed at how beautiful and easy the straightened path becomes.




Dear God, I admit that my life is confusing and my pathway unclear. I am caught up in circumstances beyond my control. I have no idea about which way to turn. Please guide me by your Holy Spirit. Lead me through the chaos that I feel today and make my paths straight. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.