Thought for the day #280






Proverbs 28:13    (New American Standard Bible)


13          He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper,

            But he who confesses and forsakes them will find compassion.


You probably know someone who labors diligently. They present themselves as God-fearing upright moral individuals who appear to have impeccable integrity.


As you observe them in their normal course of life, you would conclude that these are nice people. In reality, they are “losers”.


They have more than the usual share of trouble. No matter what they do, they   seem to be unable to prosper in any area of their life.


As an observer, you question why this might be. How can someone so nice constantly have trouble? The above Scripture gives some insight as to the possibilities.


The laws of God are not limited to spiritual applications alone. They impact our lives in every area of daily experience. His guiding statutes often involve emotional, financial, and social situations.


When one appears to live one type of life, but actually lives a double standard behind the scenes, they cannot prosper. They may appear successful for a time, but the fruit of their sin will eventually be seen. They will reap as they have sown.


Everyone makes mistakes. We have all sinned. The person who is willing to admit their error will find compassion. This means that the grace and mercy of God can forgive and restore them. Family and friends will show compassion.


It is far better to admit transgressions and seek restoration than to hide them and live in defeat and bondage.




Oh, God In heaven, please forgive my transgressions. I am miserable and unhappy with my lifestyle of double standards. I want to be upright and honest, with nothing to hide.  I know that you will extend compassion and peace to me as I repent.  Help those that I have wronged to forgive me. Thank you. I Pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.