Thought for the Day #317




John 6:27 (New American Standard Bible)

27 "Do not work for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man shall give to you, for on Him the Father, even God, has set His seal."


It's so easy to become entrenched in daily responsibilities that we forget about life itself.


We have often heard the term, "life is like a rat race.” In other words, no matter how hard we labor, we find ourselves repeating the same tasks again and again.


Life becomes so demanding that we often find ourselves in overwhelming situations. Yesterday's work is never done; today holds more than we can do.


Helplessness and frustration become the prevailing emotion. Time is too short, the load is too great, and we find ourselves totally miserable.


Unfulfilling labor produces a miserable existence. We determined to do something about it, but we never do. Why?


Is it possible that we have wrong priorities? Are we using our energy and productivity for the wrong things? The answer is probably “yes”.


We find the solution to this problem in the above scripture. All too often, we work for the wrong things. Having wrong motives, we place all of our efforts on tangible, physical gain rather than things, eternal.


 Change your focus. Those things that are eternal bring happiness and joy. They enable the soul to find fulfillment. Contentment becomes a way of life.


Fasten your eyes upon things that endure and you will find that daily responsibilities will distinguish themselves through your new perspective.


Things that accomplish little will be discarded. The important things, the necessities of life, will become easier to perform. Time will become more productive. Inner satisfaction will become a sweet fragrance to your spirit. Life will be more fulfilling.



Dear Heavenly Father, I am really frustrated. I work hard and seem to get nowhere. I feel like everything I do is important, but it doesn't accomplish much. Help me to focus on the important things and to recognize those which are not. I want to labor for the eternal things. Help me to discern what is important and what is not. I want you to be my partner and director of my life in all that I do. Help me to make wise decisions.  I pray in Jesus name’. Amen.