Thought for the Day #319





Proverbs 10:24

What the wicked fears will come upon him, And the desire of the righteous will be granted.


Life is a struggle. Every individual has a certain amount of joy and pain. Heartache and blessing is an element in everyone's life.


One may look about and discover that those who are unrighteous, even evil, in their daily living seem to have more fun and happiness than does the righteous.


Short term appearances can be very misleading. The ungodly often have surface pleasures, but live in constant fear within their inner being. They may gain many assets and live a very comfortable lifestyle, only to be miserable within.


Those who have gained much of this world's goods seem to bear more intense fear than others. One can have everything they need and still live in torment, fearing the loss of what they have. How tragic! That which they fear will surely come upon them.


In contrast, the righteous shall have the desire of their hearts fulfilled.


Those things that bring inner peace unto us, sustaining us in hard times, are more precious than all the gold, land and temporal pleasures this world can ever provide.


Righteousness of the heart is like rubies and pearls to one's Spirit. It is priceless. Nothing on earth can compare with the joy and peace that it provides.


God promises that pure desires of the heart shall be attained by the person who walks in righteousness. What a wonderful promise. As you live uprightly before the Lord, he will direct your path, sustaining you in the time of trouble, and grant you that which you desire.


Let us remember that the tangible things on this earth are very temporary.  The fruit of the righteous shall endure throughout all of the ages of eternity.


Do not be sidetracked by the temporal pleasures of others. They last but a moment. Let your faith soar to new heights as you build an eternal reward. Start reaping the fruit of God's promise today.




My dear Lord in heaven, I become discouraged from time to time. When I see those who do wickedly prosper in the things of this world, I forget that they can be miserable within. I know that earthly pleasures are very short-lived. Forgive me for sometimes be jealous and covetous. I want to abide in your righteousness. I know that in due time, you will grant me the desires of my heart. I thank you, as I pray in the name of Jesus, my lord. Amen.