Thought for the Day #374




Psalms 50:3KJV


 “Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him”.


Each day it becomes more obvious that we are living in ever escalating times of evil abominations.


Every true Christian agonizes over the situation within our land. Injustice is everywhere.

We are enslaved to the ungodly system of Babylon and our pain is becoming unbearable.


The honest and upright are often maligned and ridiculed while the ungodly are lifted up and exalted. Righteousness is called evil and evil is called righteousness. It seems that there are none who are willing to come to the rescue of the unjustly persecuted.


Do not be discouraged.  Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, feels the pain of the afflicted and persecuted. He knows the agony of false accusation and abuse at every level. He stands before the throne of almighty God as our advocate and intercessor.


The cup of His wrath is near to overflowing and his promised return is very near. The balances of justice are in his hand and his flaming sword is in the other.


He is coming back! Just as promised throughout scripture and then personally declared by Jesus, his return shall be swift and all-powerful, his voice will reverberate like roaring thunder, The fires of righteous judgment shall devour the evil before him as a raging tempest, and the light of his glory shall expose every evil iniquity.


Hold fast to that which you have. Stand strong in active faith. He has promised to protect and preserve the righteous in their hour of need and to exalt them above the evil forces that now rage against you.  


Rejoice in the midst of your adversity! His return is eminent!