Thought for the Day #378




Mark 10:15-16  (New American Standard Bible)


"Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all."


Nearly everyone enjoys the freshness and innocence of a little child.  They are totally dependent upon others to care for them, and yet, they fully trust those who provide the sustenance of life.


Many adults look upon them and sort of smile as they remark how innocent and gullible they are.  You see, the little child trusts those who teach them.  They believe what they are told until they have reason to believe that they have been deceived.


Jesus made it very clear that anyone who comes into the kingdom of God must believe as a little child.  We are to receive the word of God with simple faith and trust without questioning his sincerity in extending the Kingdom promises to his people.


All too often we who have been converted and baptized question everything about the Kingdom of God.  Our intellectual carnality demands to know "why" or "how" God acted as he

did in some particular area of their life.  While this seems perfectly acceptable to our carnal mind, it is really a lack of faith which is totally unacceptable by God.


We would be much further ahead in learning about the mysteries of God if we could receive his promises and instruction of his word with the simplicity of a trusting child.


God cannot lie and he will not deceive.  Let us become as the little child and openly receive his promises and directives with great thanksgiving and appreciation.  Take him at his word.  You will find that as you believe and act upon it in simple faith, His Kingdom will be fully revealed to you. Our Heavenly Father delights in those who receive him without question.


Meditate upon his word, believe what it says, act upon it in true faith and you will find the fullness of joy and peace that passes all understanding.  Can you become as a little child?




My precious heavenly father, I know that my carnal mind does not understand spiritual things.  I do wish to know you and the fullness of your power and love.  I certainly want to be a member of your kingdom.  Help me to accept you and your word and trusting faith.


I ask the Holy Spirit to teach me your ways and lead me into the fullness of your truth.  Help me to receive your Covenant promises without question.  I want to be as pure and innocent as the little child that I might accept all that you have for me.  I pray in the name of Jesus my Lord and Redeemer.  Amen.