Thought for the Day #380




Isaiah 51:11  KJV

Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.


Perhaps you awakened this morning with a heavy heart. The trials and troubles of life can be overwhelming at times.  Unexpected crisis, problems that we have been dealing with, and concern about future situations often saturate our thinking.  Such concerns can be so predominant in our mind that we lose sight of the blessings of God and his covenant promises to those who serve him.


The children of Israel went through such agonizing torment. Their discouragement overwhelmed them. Their faith was weakened. Hope was lost. Then, Isaiah that great prophet of God came upon the scene. He reminded them of the miracle provisions that God had given unto them in the past. He promised that their discouragement would be turned into singing and rejoicing and hopeless feelings would be turned into joy.


We, too, face such emotions with helpless discouragement. Let us remember that our God never changes. Look back and begin to recount your blessings. Remember times past when God has miraculously delivered you from adversity, when has met your need, strengthened your body, and blessed you when you least expected it.


This will build your faith and excite your spirit. The trials of the moment will fade into the joy of victories past and the expectation of victories in the future. Your heart will begin to sing and your heavy arms will be lifted in praise to a faithful God who knows his children, loves them, and keeps his covenant promises to all who serve him diligently. Sorrow and mourning will indeed fade away.


Despair and heartache cannot abide in the joyful heart. Learn the secret of rejoicing in the victory of our wonderful Lord and singing his praises in the face of adversity. You’ll be amazed at the transformation that takes place within your spirit. Hope will be restored. Faith will increase. God will provide. Rejoice in him always and again I say rejoice.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I must confess that I do fight battles of discouragement and oppression. I allow myself to focus on the difficult problems that I face instead of turning to you and placing true faith in the covenant promises which you have given me as a child of God.  Forgive me, oh Lord, and send your Holy Spirit to remind me of your many blessings. Help me to remember the great victories that You have given me in the past and fill my soul and spirit with joyful singing and praises unto you. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord.   Amen.